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The soul of jade solves its unknown mystery

information sources:Jingtai Jewellery     Date:2019/12/27 15:31:02     Read:3245次

The traditional jade culture holds that jade raises people, people raise jade, people and jade get along harmoniously and help each other, which can't be separated in a moment! What's the reason?



Jade decoration is closely related to health


Modern scientific research has found that jade contains more than more than 10 trace elements which are beneficial to human body. All kinds of microelements have different effects on human body. Often wear jade, all kinds of trace elements will gradually penetrate into the human body through the skin, balance human function, and play a good health care effect.

Scientific instrument test: jade has a special "photoelectric effect". In the process of slightly applying pressure, cutting and polishing, it will focus and store energy to form an "electromagnetic field", and radiate a far-infrared wave that can be absorbed by the human body, and then induce strong resonance of water molecules in the human body, so as to massage slightly, improve the microcirculation system, so as to make the human body Accelerate blood circulation and metabolism, activate cell tissue, regulate the precise operation of meridians and blood, enhance rapid response, and improve the immune function of human body.

Can artificial jade ornament wear jewelry disease?

Some jades are not very good in texture. In order to increase their transparency, they need to be treated manually. However, due to some chemical or physical treatment, many people suspect that long-term wear will cause damage to the body.

So, is there any scientific basis for these statements?

As the raw material of gemstone, it has three characteristics: strong stability, high hardness and beautiful. Although it has been treated, it will not be dissolved by sweat as people think, forming adverse effects on human body. The injected organic matter is relatively stable and free of radioactive substances. Generally speaking, it has little impact on the body. However, there are a lot of fake jade, which can easily cause skin allergy due to improper treatment. Therefore, we should try our best to be careful when choosing jade.



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