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Hetian jade seed material, ten thousand yuan per gram

information sources:Jingtai Jewellery     Date:2019/12/27 15:30:50     Read:488次

According to Weihan's analysis, the collectors have never been stingy with the contemporary fine jade. Most of the masterpieces, especially the award-winning works, have been purchased by senior collectors before they are delivered to the auction company. Some collectors will choose their own materials to be processed by jade carving masters. At present, most jade carving masters and masters have made an appointment three to five years later.

"Hetian jade, shanghaigong", currently, Shanghai style sculptors are highly praised by Ningbo jade industry. From 30 to 40 years old, it is the golden age for jade carving masters to create. Now there are only twenty or thirty masters of Shanghai school. Besides, it takes at least two or three months and two or three years for the master to carve a jade carving by hand.

At present, some jade carvings engraved with famous masters in the market are not actually carved by masters themselves, but are often created by their apprentices or by their studio teams. Weihan revealed that in order to get the representative works customized by the master in time, some collectors would not hesitate to increase the market price by more than 100000 yuan or even several hundred thousand yuan.

In a short period of time, the artworks won't enter the circulation field. Collectors are reluctant to sell them. They collect and enjoy them, wait for appreciation, and won't get them in the auction market. Therefore, it was difficult to find contemporary jade products in the auction market. This is also a phenomenon: in recent years, the price of contemporary jade in the auction field can not match the price of private transactions.

Today, both materials and techniques of contemporary masterpieces have reached a new height, and their prices have also risen, reaching a new benchmark, and the supply is very limited. Among the outstanding masters of Shanghai style jade carvings, such as Wu Desheng's works, the price of a single jade carving ornament is often over one million yuan, and the supply is in short supply.

No bottom price jade auction, let the public collectors come to Taobao

In the past two years, the auction market of contemporary jades has gradually changed, which is related to the successive entry of boguan, Xiling, Kuangshi, rongbaozhai, Jiade and other major auction companies, especially the continuous launch of the special market for jades without reserve price.

From April to September 2013, Beijing boguan held three groundless auctions of contemporary jade carving masterpieces, which gathered hundreds of contemporary jade carving masterpieces, including many masterpieces suitable for wearing, with a transaction rate of 100%. In recent two years, Xiling Seal society Auction Co., Ltd. has added dozens of contemporary jade carving masters' exquisite works to the special auction of works of contemporary jade carving masters, and started to auction with no base price, with a high turnover rate.

A collector who has participated in Xiling jade auction without reserve price told reporters that this form of auction without reserve price has widened the access path and allowed more people to enter the collection field, which further promoted the collection of jade carvings. For those who just stepped into the jade art auction, this is a low-cost, low-risk training opportunity, an opportunity to accumulate experience and easily buy favorite works. For mature buyers, they have expanded their selection range of jade carving art collection, broadened their vision, and are easy to choose and buy works with high cost performance and favorite among many products.

In addition, professional auction companies check the quality of works for collectors, select excellent works from famous works, and estimate the appreciation potential of works for collectors, which increases the possibility of leakage detection for entrants. Weihan suggested that collectors may not select masterpieces, but spend thousands or tens of thousands of yuan to buy fine works with good materials, exquisite workmanship and unique shapes. Even if the author of the jade carving is not very famous, it also has collection value. Such talented young and middle-aged rising stars play a stable role, often have collection potential, and have a large collection space.

First class materials make first-class works

How to choose seed material for plaything family?

First class materials make first-class works

Judging the contemporary jade carving works, the first consideration should be given to the identification of its material quality, and the first-class material makes the first-class works. "The best natural jade to carve", in the trend of heavy material Ningbo also gave birth to the Hetian jade playing material group. With the expansion of the collection population, the price of Hotan seed material also soared all the way.

According to Ningbo senior jade collectors, the price of the first-class single seed material with skin per gram is more than 10000 yuan, and the collectors are reluctant to sell it. According to the data, in the past 30 years, Hetian jade has hardly fallen. In the past, it rose steadily by 5% to 10% per year. Since 2005, the pattern of moderate rise has been broken, and its appreciation rate has exceeded 40% per year. Affected by this, the price of alternative varieties of Hetian jade, Russian jade and Qinghai jade, is also high.

"To judge the quality of a Hetian jade, it depends on whether it has these characteristics: warm, oily, rare material and high hardness. In the past, players were too white to buy. In fact, lanolin jade is mainly used to describe the oiliness of Hetian jade, rather than to say that high-grade materials are all plain white Weihan analysis, professional collectors choose Hotan seed material on the quality of jade and leather are very important. At present, with red jujube skin, tiger skin, gold skin and other skin colors, and the price of Hotan jade, which has a warm texture, is high. If it is a single seed in shape, it will basically sell at a high price.

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